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    AMD Opteron 64
    Virtual Server

    Business Grade Web Hosting

    Continuum offers hosting solutions to suit all business needs from simple websites to advanced web applications and databases.

    Why choose Continuum Hosting?

    Virtual Server solutions with advanced distributed mirrored data storage using only the best hardware and architecture available.

    Triple Resilience Virtual Servers
    • Dual location live data
    • Fail-over migration to alternate hardware.
    • Data & OS files backed up off site every night.

    A Virtual Server offers the power and performance of dedicated hosting at a fraction of the cost.

     Your business and opperational requirements are dynamic and that's why Continuum's business level hosting helps you capitalise on the cost savings and scalability of cloud server technology.
    On-demand processing balancing cost & performance
    Scale as you go is designed with your on-line business in mind. Our technology includes a fantastic management control panel, giving you the power and flexibility  to keep your clients’ sites available – With Continuum Hosting you can save money, retain clients and say goodbye to sleepless nights!

    Elastic Technology - as powerful as your client’s busiest time
    Instantly react to fluctuations in web traffic and pre-empt seasonal surges or dips to ensure you clients remain open for business and your servers are always cost effective.

    Real-time visibility  - puts you firmly in control
    A dashboard designed specifically to cater to manage multiple web accounts; see your whole server from your control panel, including all your storage. Easily source archived files saving time and stress; instant access for retrieval of any backup file; visual monitors and alerts to immediately inform you to any potential problems which could cause downtime.

    Optimum Resilience – Save the day
    UK based data centres with all backups stored on a file server ensuring you never have all your eggs in one basket. Instant access for retrieval of all your backups and snapshots. Choose and how often
    you want to backup. Failover technology provides continuous uptime even if a power failure or disaster occurs. (Failover technology provides improved up time through rapid disaster recovery.)

    Outstanding Support
    Make your problem our problem, with an outstanding depth our free support we help with anything from one website to multiple server configurations.

    Any other reasons why to choose Continuum Hosting?

    To help your hosting scale at the same rate as your business we have ...
    • No product plans
    • No minimum contract
    • No set up fee
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    from £30* more information » Linux Server


    Design your own environment.

    • Custom RAM
    • Custom Storage
    • Custom Backups
    from £35* more information » Linux Server


    Entry level server for new customers and small business users
    from £15* more information » Linux Server


    Create, test and demo software on a fully featured server